The One Thing I Expected to Hear After the Zimmerman Trial but Didn’t

Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.  How many times have we heard this from the NRA and people loitering Fox News’ studios like, say, Ted Nugent?  After Colorado was devastated by James Holmes,this question was asked all the more.  Following the Newtown shootings that claimed the lives of six and seven year old children in Massachusettes, the question was introcuced (or reintroduced) to the “should teachers have guns?” debate.   David Weigel (Slateand others have been fair to the question and have interviewed experts on both sides of the argument.  

In between the Aurora and Newtown incidents, there was of course, the Trayvon Martin slaying.  I don’t think I can add anything to the coverage of the verdict that hasn’t been said numerous times by numerous sources elsewhere, nor do I claim to have any inside information worth sharing.  The healing time for the Martin family and to a lesser extent, the Zimmerman family, has begun.  

However, I have a burning question for gun enthusiasts:  Why haven’t we heard anyone suggest on national television that black teens should have guns?  They say teachers should have guns and mailmen should have guns.  Taxi cab drivers should have guns. Liquor store clerks should have guns.  Gas station attendants should have guns.  

Almost everyone should have a gun, you would think, if you were to follow the logic of the NRA and the Ted Nugent types of the world.  I have listened to thousands of soundbites from the Zimmerman trial but at no point did anyone suggest that Trayvon should have been carrying a firearm. With lots of racially charged elephants in the room, this one might have been stomping the loudest in my brain. 

The company line of conservative talk shows has resolutely asserted that tragedies could have been prevented if only the innocent white man or woman had the foresight to bring a loaded weapon to school.  I heard one interviewee suggest that the children of Newtown could have saved their own lives if they had access to guns.  The idiocy of arming six year olds with little or no concept of death is obvious.  But what about Trayvon?  He was seventeen.  He knew what death was.

No big blog today…just thought it was interesting to point out that (in my opinion) if Trayvon had been white, the news coverage might have been peppered with those kinds of hypothetical questions about an armed victim turning the tables on his aggressor. Perhaps that is the difference everyone is hinting at if the races had been reversed.  

I have read good pieces on the innocence of Martin but was challenged recently at who (I know, I know, I know, I know! Dammit already, I know she’s a bitch and no, I don’t endorse her at all 99% of the time) shared some information I found relevant to George Zimmerman’s motives for following Martin.  

Please let me know if you find a soundbite of someone saying that black teens in Florida should be encouraged to carry a loaded weapon.  Even Ted Nugent won’t go that far. And I think we all know why.  




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