Progress of a Certain Kind

About 8 days ago I thought I would begin a juice fast.  I stepped on the scale and saw 274.  I needed a severe action, something to help me draw a line in the sand.  But what to do?  Starving myself wouldn’t work long term.  I decided to go ahead with a juice fast and within about six days I lost a whopping 8.5 pounds.  Then the hard part.  I put two back on.  Now I am barely 5 pounds better off than I was.  As I hover at 269 I wake up with dread.  What if I step on the scale and see 270 again?

I wanted to put the 270’s in my rear view mirror forever.  I hiked, swam and jogged like crazy this week–often coming home drenched in sweat.  My few cheats have come in the form of a handful of almonds and other healthy fare.  I had a couple gummy bears the other day.

Tomorrow when I wake up I may see that I ran through this wall and lost a pound or so.  I might see 266 or hell, even 265.  Maybe the plateau is over and the dramatic results will resume.  Maybe when I speak in Lynchburg on the 29th I will be in the 250’s.  I would hope so.  But for now, I am happy with the progress I do have, namely a lot more energy. The crowd will get a more energetic speech, for sure.

My eyes and mind feel clear.  The hiking has helped me find a peace and hone in on it and how beautiful nature is.  It was while hiking I remembered that this planet is a beautiful thing and something I should be taking care of.  True glory isn’t found in heaven on my face before a war god.  It is standing knee deep in a creek surrounded by little waterfalls.  The stillness of the beauty of nature is an amazing thing.  While God in the Bible commands us to conquer the earth and dominate it, dominate animals and such, I find a happiness and purpose in ignoring that.  I love hiking while teaching my son not to leave garbage behind and we try to respect all the beauty around us.  The burn in my thighs while hiking reminds me I am taking an action to correct myself.  The sting in my arms while swimming reminds me I am making an effort.  I slipped into an old pair of jeans with little difficulty last night, I know I am reshaping my body.  So many things remain outside of my control but I know with this hiking routine I am doing what little I can.  It helps.

Tomorrow I resume a more stringent juice diet with some raw spinach and watermelon for dessert.  I will probably walk or jog since today was my big workout.  Think of me and send your encouragement as you can find it in your heart to do so because I want to be healthy and fit.  I remember how enthusiastically I would yank my wife’s towel down when we first got married.  Her body was (and is) a work of art and a playful thing to behold. It has always been a one way street.  She is sexy and fun and my body has been thus far kind of disgusting.  Even five pounds down, she has noticed and has been a big encouragement.  I hope to post before and after photos here and they should be coming along in the coming days.


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