Too Perfect

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Richard Dawkins’ most downloaded clip on YouTube is of course, his famous visit to Randolph college.  There, he blasted Liberty University and encouraged LU students to attend a “proper university.”  His visit sparked a lot of debates on campus at Liberty the next day, as one might expect.  I didn’t catch the good doctor at Randolph.  I only heard about all this in my Christian Evidences class at LU.

If it were not for Dawkins visit, Dr. Foreman might have never taken ten minutes of class time to explain who Dawkins was.  He might not have read some pages from the God Delusion.  He might not have mentioned Sam Harris.  You see, that ten minute foray into the evils of atheism is what started my trajectory towards becoming who I am today.

The hangups, quirks, shame and guilt of Christianity covered me like barnacles on the hull of  a ship.  One does not merely wash barnacles off with Palmolive.  Dawkins and Harris helped me work through the monotonous and tedious lies I had been indoctrinated with for the previous 20 years.

My upcoming talk in September has been moved from its original location, CVCC, to Randolph College.  This is quite amazing, on a personal level.  My journey towards atheism truly began at Randolph, when you think about it…

I couldn’t be happier and I plan to have a great evening there.  I encourage you all to attend if you can.



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