Book tease

I will begin penning a rewrite of Preacher Boy with a much higher quality typeset and overall editing.  I will add about 4 chapters including a new intro and epilogue. 

This will replace Preacher Boy as we know it.  The changes are for the best.  However, a funny book is coming together in my mind which will be a series of short essays.  Books strain the ADD in me, so this will be a mash up of punchy and quotable potpourri for the critical drinker.  


4 thoughts on “Book tease

  1. David Carter says:

    Tim: I just finished reading your book, and was impressed by your writing style, as well as the way you told you story. It flows well, and you take the reader into your heart and mind with unusual clarity. I look forward to seeing the revised book, with the new chapters and epilogue.

  2. timmyshort says:

    Thanks David. Where are you from and how did you come to hear of this book?

  3. David Carter says:

    Tim: I am originally from Kentucky, and an now retired and living in Florida. I’m not exactly sure where I heard about your book, but it was from a link on Facebook, perhaps from David G. McAfee’s site. I really look forward to seeing the revised book; I’m anticipating learning how your Father took your decision, as well as how this affected your relationship with your wife. Keep up what you are doing. You have the potential to have a positive impact on the lives of so many more people with your writing than you ever could have as a “preacher boy.” Will the new book also be out as a Kindle book at the same time?

  4. timmyshort says:

    In a perfect world, I should be able to answer your Kindle question with a simple and confident yes. Dealing with amazon has been difficult. I can assume that the kindle version will be ready around the same time but it might not. The editing on the Kindle version for some reason was worse than the paperback. My wife and I are still together and more in love today than yesterday etc. but she is kind of searching right now in regards to faith and she doesn’t want to be mentioned in the book if at all possible. My mother is super religious and asked me to take a lot of stuff about my dad out of the book. I will probably put some of it back in, in a respectful way of course. He passed away in March of 11 and the book came out in October 2011. More time has elapsed now so it should be a bit easier. Shame I can’t get down to FL sometime. If you belong to a local group of skeptics and don’t mind paying my minimal travel reimbursement (I speak for free) I would love to come down and do something in exchange for a ticket to Lego Land 🙂 My kid would worship me.

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