The Reason Rally

March 24–The Reason Rally in Washington DC is being promoted as a kind of Woodstock for atheists and skeptics.  I hope to meet deconverted people there en masse!  I feel nervous about going because so many people there are going to be bashing religion and making “friends” based on a sense of victimhood and shared prejudice towards Christians.

That said, others will be there looking for a good time.  I will be there with a big bag of books to distribute!  Shameless publicity hounding?  You decide!

I hope to meet as many people as I can and make some friends.  One day perhaps I will be more involved with the Rally.


I have begun working on a 2nd book called FUNDIE: how fundamentalism splinters lives, families and communities.  i may tweak the title but this book will be a superior read to Preacher Boy and more topical.





One thought on “The Reason Rally

  1. timmyshort says:

    just wanted to shout out somewhere on here…thanks to “Anonymous” for a kind review on Most of my reviews are on amazon but it was fun to find one there for sure. Whoever you are, thanks a bunch for your encouragement.

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