Rebooting a Relationship

My computer was definitely a pain in the behind for the last 2 months.  For some reason, it would only run properly in “safe mode.”  This made the internet slow and also disabled my sound options entirely.  No music for anyone!  Not even with headphones.  Silence. 

I tried every trick in the book and nothing worked.  Eventually I figured it out and got it to start correctly.  During that time it was upsetting to see the familiar black screen with three options.  It asked, “what would you like to do?”  

1. Restore your last session

2. Start Windows Normally

3. Start in Safe Mode


It made me think of relationships, oddly enough.  Sometimes when you burn a bridge here or there, you get a chance to rebuild a connection later in life.  That screen pops up in my head, in a way.  The choices are clear.  This applies to new connections too, not just mending fences. 

1.  Will I restore the last level of intimacy like nothing happened?  Do I just go for it?  

2.  Do I just be myself and meet a new person with no fear or apprehension?  Do I let my self esteem sabotage my efforts? 

3. Do I go about it in safe mode?  Safe mode is when I steel myself in a cold, dispassionate frame of mind.  I am so determined not  to be hurt by someone I just turn all of my pain receptors to an off position.  I should know better by now, but I still do this from time to time.  The drawback of living on safe mode is never feeling anything positive, either.  In 2012 I hope that when I am faced with some new beginnings, new relationships and opportunities I will choose the second option. I want to put my best foot forward and meet the new experience with a smile.  Try to do the same!  Don’t waste time on safe mode.  You won’t hear ANYTHING, for one.  You will attain the same level of emotional distance and security as a rock or a tree…and that is going to make for a very static lifestyle.  Living in the static will turn you into a spectator in your own head.  Join me in saying NO to safe mode this year and all the years beyond!  Leave yourself open to some threats, and maybe even some viruses!  (insert, “giggity giggity goo!)  

The point is, have fun and don’t be tempted by the most misleading and unsatisfying feeling in the word…”safety.”  




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