North Carolina, I Hardly Knew Ye

I lived in North Carolina for the last sixteen months.  It was supposed to be the dawn of my writing career and professional endeavors.  I would have ideally found a reliable job in social work to pay the bills and would have spent free time pursuing Twitter popularity and new book ideas.  Looking back at 2011, I feel like it was a complicated year.  It was full of false starts and undelivered hopes.  I worked at AT&T for a year at their call center.  It was there I wrote Preacher Boy on my lunch breaks.

I didn’t make many friends there nor did I have much of a social life.  I watched my son until 2pm and then went to work from 3-12.  When I got home I was exhausted.  My wife got fired from the school where she taught math.  Things sucked all around.  She didn’t make any friends in the area.  There was Karly, a girl at work who was basically my life preserver through the hard times and there were plenty!  Later I met Jim and Allison and Tommy but sadly right before I moved!!! Just when I started to think Tommy, a married guy my age, and I would be pretty tight I had to tell him I was moving so that was disappointing.  My brother was pretty busy and didn’t have a lot of time for me but the times we shared were fun.

Things changed over the late summer and fall.  I used to help find other atheists and I found there were a few likeminded people in my area afterall.  Tommy, Allison, and a few others were great.  I remember a kind lady named Mary who was in her own brief time with me, a powerful encouragement to me.  I hope they are all doing well today.

Now I am in Marland.  I have learned a great deal since my time in NC.  Firstly, don’t wait for things to happen.  Make them happen.  Go online, meet people intentionally and soon!  Meet up with them.  Be honest, explain who you are and what you are looking for.  I am married, have a young son etc.

I hope there is an atheist guy out there who is doing his best to raise his child and maybe he and I will hit it off.  The coolest thing about 2012 is that it may see me and my creative soulmate Joe, get back together as good friends.  He moved to Chicago last year but I may be able to woo him back to Maryland.  Hopefully this will happen soon.

He and I started a concept for a band called “The Seamen.”  We would be more than a band, as we would maintain a website of the same name for the purpose of publishing poetry, essays, reviews, videos and the occasional song.  At the end of a year we would probably make a little EP of original songs and ditties.  Joe is a revelation on guitar.  I can sing adequately enough to keep it entertaining.  The Seamen are coming!  I only need a few things to bounce my way to help this happen.  Leave a comment and voice your support!

Tim Short


One thought on “North Carolina, I Hardly Knew Ye

  1. timmyshort says:

    Don’t be shy with the comments yall 🙂 I know only a handful of people check the blog but I appreciate it a lot.

    New address 8277 Kramer Ct Glen Burnie, MD 21061

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