Preacher Boy Available on Kindle!

My book is finally available. . . I hope you will check it out.  It is an amateur book for sure, but a fun one I should think.   Check out    


6 thoughts on “Preacher Boy Available on Kindle!

  1. iantimberlake says:

    Awesome, is there a non-kindle version? I don’t have one.

  2. timmyshort says:

    There will be a paperback soon within the next week I think. IF you do not have Kindle, you can still download it for smartphones like iPhone or Android. There is a “kindle fo android” app which I believe is free. While you are at it, you can pick up a copy of Sam Harris’ “LYING” which is excellent!

  3. Chuck says:


    I just finished your book. Great Job! I really enjoyed it. As I read your book, I felt like I was reading my own biography. Our stories are very similar. I didn’t attend Liberty, but I was a “Preacher Boy” at a Christian college who has since become an atheist for many of the same reasons as the ones you shared. The main difference between you and me is that I still haven’t manned up and come out about my atheism to my family and friends. Why? I’m scared. My wife is a good Christian lady, and we have a one year old daughter that I absolutely adore. I’m terrified that my wife would leave me and take my baby if I were to come out to her.

    Having said all that, I really did enjoy your book. However, I was disappointed that you didn’t talk much about Laura after you went public with your atheism. If you don’t mind, would you share a little bit about her? How did she take the news? Is she still a Christian? Are you and she still married?

    Thanks for your replies, and thanks for the book. I’ll be checking your blog regularly. Keep up the good work.


  4. timmyshort says:

    Chuck, you are very kind to have taken a chance on my book. I have learned of the typos and things that slipped into the first edition. With that off my chest, please know we are working on a 2nd one that will have perhaps another chapter in addition to fixing the glaring editing mistakes.

    As for your questions, Laura and I are still married. It has been hard on us since I have come out of the closet so to speak, as an atheist. All of her friends and family are Christian, as was true of mine at the time. I have recently befriended a couple of atheists but I don’t know them very well.

    I would hope my best years are ahead of me in terms of my social life. Sometimes it would be easy to feel like my wife does not love me for who I am, I fear. She says she does. I figure she does deep down but again, its been hard. I think she loves the idea of “preacher boy” Tim. She is still kind to me and we have our good days. She didn’t want to be a major part of the book and still does not want to.

    I respected her wishes and kept her in the background a good bit. When she is ready, she will probably feel more comfortable with me talking about her in my atheist circles.

    I congratulate you on your daughter. One year old? Good stuff. I kind of wanted a girl myself! I have a little boy, Liam who is going to be five in March.

    As for coming out, I don’t think you should worry about it. When you are ready, you will know. There is no pressure.

    For me, I had a pretty tender conscience. I couldn’t lie to people and didn’t want to live a lie. I felt like sitting in church was leading people on. Their friendship made me feel good but was it real? If your friends in church would treat you differently or think less of you for being an atheist, than you are in a manipulative social sphere and you should re-evaluate how loving they are. Atheists are thought of as a notch or two beneath pedophiles in the south!

    Where are you from? How did you find out about the book? I haven’t really advertised and I haven’t updated the blog because I didn’t know if anyone ever came here. Thanks for your support and I will have something soon.

    I wrote two articles at which are pretty easy to find you may enjoy those in the meantime.

    Laura and I are hoping to make the next few years of our marriage better than the last few and I know you seem to be a good guy and your wife is lucky to have someone who is introspective and honest. Just be there for her. What I meant by Laura not loving me for who I am is that she doesn’t like my movies, books, friends, interests, hobbies, music, favorite TV shows etc., We have a lot in common in that we love our son. Your daughter is more than enough of a reason to coexist with your wife, who I presume is beautiful and nice etc. 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • Chuck says:


      Thanks for the quick reply, and thanks for sharing a little bit more about your relationship with your wife. It is very good to hear that you and she are still married. That gives me hope!

      Another little tidbit about me…my daughter is adopted…from a Christian agency. I lied my rear end off to the agency so we could adopt. They would NOT have placed a child with an atheist, no way. I can really relate to what you experienced when your son was born. Although I had been an atheist for about two years when we were placed with my daughter, I totally returned to the preacher boy stage. I even wrote a poem for my yet unborn daughter that is full of references to God’s goodness. I even quoted scripture.

      My wife has got to know that something is up. When we met, I was a youth minister planning on a life of full-time ministry. Now, I complain when she makes me go to church. She thinks my beef is with the institution of church; in reality, I think all religion is bullshit and it makes me nauseous to sit in a church.

      I definitely know how atheists are perceived in the South. I live in Georgia and have my whole life (28 years). I often wonder how many people here are closet atheists like me. There have to be some who are just as scared as I am about coming out.

      About your book, I think I found it on Amazon just by browsing atheist literature. I’ve read just about every popular atheist book out there (Loftus, Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, etc.). Yours (I think) popped up as recommended based on some previous kindle purchases I had made.

      As kind of a follow up question to my first comment. (And please don’t feel obligated to share anything that you don’t want to share.) Would you mind talking a little bit about how you came out to your family and friends? You mentioned a letter you wrote to your Calvinist friend, but never sent. Did you write letters, tell everyone at one time, etc.? Who did you tell first?

      Thanks for the response.


  5. timmyshort says:

    How did I come out to my family? Well, beyond what the book alludes to, I went with the honesty is the best policy approach. I simply told everyone, mostly at the same time. Things like facebook make it easier to do it in a non personal way, but I didn’t do that for some time.

    The thing to be careful about is the word. When you say “atheist” your christian loved one hears ,” I do not believe in good or evil, I don’t believe in absolute truth of any kind, I don’t believe life has worth, I don’t believe in monogamy…” and all of these other connotations manufactured in the church. It is good to sit down and say, “honey, I believe in us…I believe in right and wrong…I believe in truth. I believe the prayers we prayed together were great times of bonding for us and very therapeutic to use words to describe how we feel.

    I will always love you and our daughter. I wanted to tell you though, I do not believe the BIble is 100 percent true and I do not believe in its God any longer as the source of these good things we share. I think there are other explanations and while I find those, I just cannot believe the old Bible stories any more. I hope you can still love me anyway because I still love you…perhaps even more than when I was a Christian. part of my love for you was Christian duty. now it’s just love! I want to stay with you and be faithful for YOUR sake, and because I WANT TO, not because I am required by god.”

    hope that helps get some thoughts on paper for you 🙂

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